Fable of the violet haired Princess

Ulm Party - Episode 1 - An ambush ambushed

The guards are actually bandits... ?!?

The story begins on a passengers caravan slowly trailing along the Eastern King’s Road through the Ashencliff Forest. Lilian, violet haired princess and heir to the Blossom throne, is disguised as a commoner and stuffed among the other passengers.

Strange people are on the coach this day: among them, an old limping guy, a brave girl with her mother, a young female farmer with her goose, a spices merchant, a yellow monk, a meek slim boy, and a horse thief in a cage. The princess hates being stuck with these peasants.

Suddenly the caravan stops, one of the few guards dropping down dead, stuck by a crossbow bolt. Bandits jump out of the woods, threatening the remaining guards, forcing them to drop their weapons. Once the guards are tied, the bandits start unloading the passengers, they are surely searching for something… or somebody.

Lilian of the violet hair knows better: she knows they are looking for them. She quickly assesses the situation and comes up with a burning idea…

Because not everybody knows that in her hair she had a couple of flasks of alchemical fire. She managed to snatch those from the castle armory at the age of 12. She had to cry heavily in front of her father, and win an argument against her governess, to funally put her hands on those flasks. But it was totally worth it.

She throws the burning oil bottle against one of the bandits, setting him on fire and frightening the horses, who dash carelessly onward on the road. This reveals to be a risky move though, since the coach is dangerously going to crash against a large tree trunk!

But here is where the princess displays her bravery: she jumps gracefully on the horses (even forfeiting his shoes), and softly tames them into a halt before anybody gets hurt, although a wheel of the carriage breaks in the process.

Four bandits have been chasing the coach, and are quickly gaining ground. So the princess commands the passengers into tending quick repairs to the cart, she will distract the bandits in the meanwhile.

But it is in that moment that a counter-ambush takes place. A knife dropping from a tree branch stabs a brigand on his back. In the meanwhile a girl with a spear rushes out of the bushes, distracting the bandits and creating an opening for Lilian, who knocks out one of the enemies with her crossbow. The third bandit is struck by an arrow, and the fourth decides to flee to his fellows.

Seems that the princess just found two allies. But who are they, she wonders?



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