Fable of the violet haired Princess

Ulm Party - Episode 10 - Purple New World

A step into the Fae

The magical energy surge chills down in the great monastery vault, as the powerful Djinn goes back into slumber. Brothers Stout and Eldrip of the senior council are summoned to guard the shackling brazier while the great Pika recovers from the fatigue of battle. In agreement with the monk elders, the adventurers decide to put Iasuo the Challenger under arrest, and lock him inside a cell in the dungeon block of the monastery.

It is only a few hours later that the dimensional door opens again, from the other side, and Lilian steps back into the vault. She reveals of being witness of a world of marvel and wonders, astonishing like nothing she has ever seen before. Could this be the Fae world the legends have spoken of? At the mere idea of it Sheeba is excited, and she is eager to explore this magical dimension. Lilian agrees that it could be a safe way to travel without attracting unwanted attention.

And avoiding unwanted attention could be indeed a wise choice: the Pika, grateful for the unwavering assistance the adventurers gave him in the clash against the Djinn, decides to reveal mystical vision that the goddess granted to him. He saw “a dark cloud, full of hunger and lies, to move towards castle Windswept, and suck it in its black fog”. “The cloud already reached its destination” he continues, and he believes that the princess should make haste for her hometown as soon as possible. The kingdom itself could be facing a great danger. Jura immediately takes notice that this information matches with the notion of that ‘visitor from the empire’ which was sent to the capital recently, but reveals only partial information to the party. Finally, Pika makes an alliance with the princess, and promise her to spread the news among yellow monks to support Lilian in her quest.

After Alouette introduces herself to the Princess, the adventurers decide to scout the fairy realm. Despite Claret’s complaints, she and Jura are tasked to say back in the vault, wait for the scouting party to come back, and perform a little time-flow shift experiment with candles. Sheeba, Alouette, and Lilian step into the portal, and an incredible purple new world appears in front of her eyes. A world with:

- Rubber mountains
- Rectangular lakes
- Trees with semitransparent purple glassy leaves and with scales on their trunk instead of bark. The wind makes a chiming noise while blowing through their branches.
- A greenish-tint sky crossed by a triangular-shaped rainbow, while two large moons soar the evening.
- Tiny fae insects buzzing around the air. One specie floats through a helicopter propeller above their heads. Another uses light-reaction propulsion systems (basically bumble bees farting their way around while puffing balls of light).
- Houses shaped like giant onions, probably they are build OUT of giant onions.
- Dust which looks like confetti.
- Brillant purple crystal formations, pulsating with magical energies.

They emerge on a collapsed building, a few kilometres away from a town. It does not take long to them to notice that, despite the marvel of this place, something is not right. Not right at all:

- Signs of destructions scar the land: Crumbled buildings, open crevices, blackened earth are visible everywhere.
- Pszczna, the city, is in ruins, and completely abandoned.
- Most of the crystal formations are tainted by a darkening corruption, from which an obscure slime oozes into jelly pools.

The Princess feels an intense pain within her head as soon as she approaches a completely corrupt crystals. She is forced to keep her distance if she wants to keep her mind lucid. The girl soon discover that their magic powers manifest slightly differently in here, but Sheeba manages nevertheless to shapeshift into a wolf and prowls the ruins, where she gets a faint scent of something alive still living in this place. She goes back to the portal and reports the finding to the Princess, so that they can regroup with the other companions and start exploring this realm together.

An unusual journey is ahead of our heroes… where will it lead them?



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