Fable of the violet haired Princess

Ulm Party - Episode 6 - Curtains of Shadows

Memories and dreams wrapped in darkness

A sudden gust of wind slams a couple of windows in the refectory room open. General commotion builds rapidly, while the tomato soup splashes in the face of Princess Lilian. Some monks hurry to shut the windows, but they don’t seem scared of what just happened. Sheeba the druids tries to follow the elemental presence in the inner yard. She is able to follow its magical shape until it pulls into some pipe-shaped stones emerging from the rocky ground. As if the mysteries were not enough, Lilian feels a strange tingling sensation as she walks past one of the doors in the monastery corridors.

As the night passes by in the monastic grounds, Jura the spy tries to find the secret contact of the Lotus Order hidden among the monks. His minds travels back in the past, to the days when he was still a purposeless elf scoundrel in a human city…

50 years ago….

It is a cold, dark night when the old smuggler Giovanni asks Jura, a young elven homeless boy, to follow him in his house. He needs a trusted person to stay in the shadows of his hut, and witness whatever will happen next. Jura is scared, but he trust Giovanni, who helped him in several occasions.
A group of shady armed thugs make their appearance, to conduct some business with Giovanni. They are expecting some untraceable poison from him, “to make sure the angels fly no longer” they say. One of the thugs almost spots Jura, but the boy is clever and manages to divert attention from himself.
The thug leader, in the meanwhile, suspects of Giovanni, and in order to prove the poison’s effects, he forces Giovanni to drink half the bottle (which also has the convenient effect to silence him forever). Giovanni dies a painless, but nevertheless murderous, death. Jura is almost paralysed by fear.
After the assassins left, Jura recollects himself: he searches the house for more samples of the poison to use as a proof with the authorities, but instead he finds some old, well hidden documents, all marked with a lotus sigil. Jura already saw this symbol, in a Hedra company warehouse near the docks. Using a secret code found in the letters, he is able to enter the secret lair, but then he is restrained by several hands sprouting from the shadows. He quickly tells the spies about Giovanni’s murder, and about the assassination plot planned by the thugs against the local noble house. After checking on his reports, the spies acknowledge him as a potential ally, and so the enrolment of Jura in the ranks of the Lotus order begins.

So many memories… but Jura wastes no time and uses the secret code of the spies to alert his local contact at the Monastery, which turns out to be one of the few female monks. The night is not calm for Lilian, who has troubled dreams. The morning is not helpful either, since a brief audience with the Great Pika, monk leader, provides little information to the group.

The true Great Pika then reveals itself to Alouette, who was actually posing as him in front of Lilian. He decides to share some advice with the girl, having understood that she stands as third party in the upcoming troubled times between nations.

Claret asks the help of the healer monks to have her wounds treated, but the process is really painful. And after she agrees to assume a herbal painkiller to feel better, she intimately passes out, and is nowhere to be seen anymore.

The violet haired Princess again feels the strange tingling when passing past the door to the beer seasoning cellar. Puzzled by the occurrence, she conjures the metallic key she got from Claret, and uses it to open the door once again. Magically, the door now opens on an underground cave filled with unusual minerals, flora, and especially fauna. Lilian indeed finds some creatures in the underground ponds that she recognises from her studies to be larvae-stage water fairies. What a discovery…



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