Fable of the violet haired Princess

Ulm Party - Episode 9 - Vault Danger

Djinn's Challenge

Bal’ahllaj, the captive Djinn, digresses in a long boasting speech before summoning an arabic-looking pattern on the floor about to explode in a wave of kinetic force. Sheeba and Claret are in the aura of the blast but they manage to quickly reposition themselves out of the harm’s way, the first by taking the form of an eagle, the latter by climbing out the bridge and hanging from its bottom, where no glyphs are appearing.

Having distracted the heroines, the Djinn focuses his attention on Princess Lilian, his only true target. An attempts to trap her in a spiral of swirling ice shards. Lilian tries to absorb the flying icicles within her treasure hair box, but while head banging she trips and loses momentum. Claret quickly comes to her aid, by picking up Sheeba’s toga and using it as a fan while running in rapid circles around the icy whirlwind. She is so fast that the whirlwind destabilises, ultimately freeing the princess from the icicle cage.

Sheeba lands back on the ground, and the three girl adventurers attempt to distract the Djinn inquiring on his immortal nature and the source of his power. They seem to succeed as Bal’ahllaj wastes time in a long, exhaustive explanation about elemental magic, but after a while, the creature manages to recover his focus and prepares to unleash a wide-area attack.

In the meanwhile, brother Humm-Chu the Great Pika, and monk Iasuo the challenger are fighting a deadly contest of martial arts, in the Vault’s pit. Their philosophies are incompatible, and Iasuo provokes Pika into exposing himself, thus gaining the upper hand and ultimately knocking him unconscious.

Jura joins the fray lurking from the shadows, but Iasuo is aware of his surroundings and spots him. The elven spy fails at outpositioning the monk, and finds himself with his back against the wall. He attempts a surprise assault by rebounding off the wall, but even this time Iasuo is ready for his attack, dodges the elf and pins him down on the ground.

The situation seems dire for our heroes, but that’s the moment where the table turns around.

A huge wind front, enriched of raw magical energies, is about to sweep over the ladies. Sheeba knows that it will scramble the magical powers of those it hits, so she thinks ahead and attempts to do something he never did before: magic melding! By intertwining the natural magic which is her expertise with the elemental magic arising from the djinn, she could combine them to bend the effect of the Djinn’s magic. Her intention is to turn the jamming gust of wind into a swarm of flowers.

Alas, she has no training in such a practice, and even with the best of her efforts the magic meld goes wild. On the bright side, she manages to conjure a huge sprouting plant which screens Lilian and herself from the djinn, on the down side, this plant turns to be carnivorous and snatches both of them, including one of Claret’s arms as she tries to take cover behind it. Luckily, Claret and Lilian force open the jaws of the man-catching dionea.

Bal’ahllaj is surprised, puzzled, and as much as he tries to cleanse the magical mist raised by the meld, he is countered by Sheeba, who intertwines a bit of Lilian’s power as well within the conjuration. In the meanwhile, Claret is trying her best in attracting the djinn’s attention away from the princess, but unfortunately with small success.

At the same time, Iasuo lets go of his hold on jura, who is playing dead on the ground, and he is stuck in a buttcheeck by a crossbow bolt shot by Lilian. Jura takes this opportunity, and after coming back to his feet, he chokes the limping monk to unconsciousness. With the aid of Claret, the elf brings the old Pika back in his senses, and they make a strategy to give enough time for the wise monk to put the djinn back in its captive slumber. The safest course of action is to create an escape route for Lilian, while Humm-Chu hides in the concealing plant and performs his long ritual. “You have to trick the djinn” tells them the monk, “he has no insight about mortals’ intentions. His foolishness is its only weakness”, and this time, the heroes know exactly what to do…

Jura, Claret and Sheeba start questioning the djinn, challenging him with riddles, arguments and provocations, which he seems even too eager to face. While he is distracted, the violet princess goes for a sneaky escape, and notices that familiar tingling sensation in her hair. She understands one of the magic-key portals is near, and tries to plug the key in the vault door. The key turns, and she quickly steps beyond the dimension portal hence summoned. In her last second the djinn spots her escaping, but Jura guarantees him that she will be back soon. Fooled by this lie, a concept so stranger to outsiders, he resolves to wait until the princess is back, but a few minutes later Pika completes the ritual and the djinn is put back to sleep. The danger was pushed back and the monastery is safe (for now): Our heroes faced dire odds and emerged victorious!



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