Fable of the violet haired Princess

Ulm Party - Episodes 3-5 - A Mere Crossing

The giant spiders speak a wicked, nasty tongue to Sheeba. The heroes quickly dispatch them with deeds of might and cunning. Jura shows his smarts by wrapping a spider within its own web. None of the fellows gets seriously wounded but Claret’s ankle is still bleeding.

The adventurers and the Princess then decide to head towards the Yellow Monastery, to hide from the bandits search raids, find some respite and eventually gather knowledge. They have to cross the Mere of the Dead Men, though, a flooded plains infested with undeath. As they become surrounded by dread zombies, they stay strong and push through the menace by hacking and slashing limbs and bodies.

Beyond the Mere, a new landscape appears: huge rocky formations sprout from the ground, one of them hosting the whole monastery on its topside. Sheeba flies upwards to ask the monks for a safe way to climb the rock together with the party, but she is welcomed with surprise and suspicion. As she polymorphs from a crane into a naked woman in front of the monks, they start doubting whether she is a witch, a demon, or a messenger from their goddess Lujiall of Air. She is not getting any help from the monks, so after climbing down the rock, she joins the party to walk along the path to enlightenment.

The princess and her companions complete the tasks of the path, and are accepted into the monastery as guests. Brother Luka is showing them the monastic grounds, until it is time for dinner.



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