Fable of the violet haired Princess

Once upon a time...

Prologue of the fable

Once upon a time, there was a young princess with long, beautiful hair, of a brillant violet color. They were more violet than purple, almost indigo. With little of red, and more of blue. Violet, all in all. Those were special hair indeed, and not just for their color. Rather, because they were imbued with powerful magic: their ability was to hold and secretly hide any objects, for as long as the princess wanted.

She lived in Windswept, capital of the Blossom Kingdom, toghether with her father Simon, her sister Rosemary, and their servitude. Thanks to many years of good trade and profitable diplomatic relationships with the Empire of Cendre, the Kingdom had met a long time of prosperity and peace. Thus, by liiving a peaceful life full of entertainment, education, and her unique magical gift, princess Lilian had everything a girl her age could want (except maybe a husband, but that’s a story for another time).

Her life, however, was inevitably destined to change dramatically, at the age of 19. Suddenly, Lilian and her improvised allies, got caught in a spiral of events which will influence the future of the Kingdom and its citizens altogether.

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