Cragtop Courier


A girl running fast as the wind, deliverywoman extraordinaire.


When you find yourself growing on the streets of a mercantile town, because your bankrupted merchant father abandoned you at the age 7 years old, you learn how to make best use of your talents. Many street-bred kids at the same age as Claret survived by small thefts and robberies. But people in the docks of Ridge Harbor town is poor, and thievery is more risky than profitable. Claret tried it herself a couple of times, it is then that she discovered how fast and agile she could run. She could climb any wall or cliff, never being exhausted by the effort:
her legs have wings of their own, people said. The unique running capabilities of Claret brought her naturally to work in the Western Haedra delivery company. There she made a name for herself, quickly becoming one of the most prized couriers of the Kingdom. She takes care of the most precious packages and the fastest deliveries, never needing a horse.

Claret – character sheet.


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