Legend of the violet hair

In the years, before the Princess’ tale, people have talked a lot about the origin of her hair. Many say that the crazy old court wizard, that Fargan the second-guesser, went mad as a hatter over the years while serving the King, and by the time Lilian wa born, his magic ran so wild he could barely cast a light spell properly. The princess’ violet hair was just a result of a miscasted enchantment, which left the beby girl with a (thankfully not so terrible) curse.

But there are also those who tell a different tale…

Some say that the mage disobeyed the King on purpose, and the reason for that was an old argument between Fargan and Simon. Apparently, the wizard was still mad at the king because years before, the king decided to cut down the last fairy grove in the Blossom lands to open a strip mine of starmetal there. Fargan was furious, but kept calm, and waited years for retaliation.

The opportunity came at the Princess’ name day ceremony. Simon asked the mage to bless his daughter with the wish of beauty, wealth, and a worthy husband. The wizard knew that these wishes would have just made the princess an idiot, so instead he chose to present her with a gift which would encourage her smarts, her wits. He gave her what the king aimed to destroy: the last fae magic enchantment, the treasure hair box, her violet hair. The king was outraged with this insult, he ordered the mage arrested. But Fargan was already disappeared, nowhere to be found, his vast library still perfectly in place in his tower, and he never came back since.

Legend of the violet hair

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