Once upon a time, there was a young princess with long, beautiful hair, of a brillant violet color. They were more violet than purple, almost indigo. With little of red, and more of blue. Violet, all in all. Those were special hair indeed, and not just for their color. Rather, because they were imbued with powerful magic: their ability was to hold and secretly hide any objects, for as long as the princess wanted.

This campaign is not a tabletop Role-playing game in the traditional sense. It is meant more as a collaborative storytelling experience. Players will face challenges, but they will be involved in the creation and setting of those challenges themselves. The standard resolution mechanics is borrowed from Mystic Empyrean; but here the detailed, dynamic description of the action will play a fundamental role towards its resolution.

Getting started:

Introduction to the Fable and its basic mechanics.
Elements breakdown. A brief compendium of influence areas of the elements.

Um Party – Assigned Characters:

Thomas – Lilian, violet haired princess.
Hanno – Jura, spy of the order.
Balbina – Claret, cragtop courier.
Kasia – Sheeba, shapeshifter druid.
Daniel – Alouette, the masquerade.

Um Party – Available Characters:

Here are the characters still available for players who want to join the campaign. We can still make more if you do not like any of these.

Erik, northener nomad.
Oscar, artful fencer.
Delgado, yellow healer.
Matilda, walking workshop.
Presmir, alchemist brewmaster.

Fable of the violet haired Princess

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