Shapeshifter Druid


Daughter of the Ashencliff wilds, she protects nature balance while seeking for the lost fae magic.


Youngest among the druids of the Oaken Circle in the Ashencliff Forest, Sheeba reflects the wild spirit of nature in its fullest. She was found by the elder druids when she was not a year old yet, a crying orphan baby, her parents killed by the denizens of the Ashencliff wilds. The Oaken Circle raised her, and taught her the secrets of the forest, ancient magic tied to the roots of the eldest trees, which can make you assume the aspect of the creatures
of the wild. Sometimes the druids would send her to the human civilization, to hear stories of the Kingdom, and trade with the merchants. Sheeba was curious and delighted to explore this brave new world of stone and clay, but she always felt at home in the wilderness of the woodlands.

Sheeba – character sheet.


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