Fable of the violet haired Princess

Ulm Party - Episode 8 - Chasing Monks

Fights and Troubles at the Yellow monastery

Claret, Sheeba and Alouette rush in the monastery inner yard, where they spot a trio of monks from Iasuo’s party running for it. At that very moment another unexpected surge of magical energies coalesces into a lightning bolt, hits one of the inner walls, and a rockfall of stones, bricks and concrete is falling on top some (good) monks.

The ladies must choose whether to save the good guys or chase the bad guys, and they decide to split the party. While Claret rescues the endangered ones, Sheeba and Alouette follow Iasuo’s goons into the alchemical lab, where they find their allies still fighting with Jura. Sheeba is resolved to fight, but she is upset when Jura vanishes out of the window. It is only a trick though, because Jura is waiting outside the window frame, and as soon as one of Iasuo’s mooks looks out to find the elf, he is pulled out and sent flying. Sheeba and Alouette engage the hostiles, while Jura flings a second henchman out of the window. He remains tangled with him though, and they both fall downstairs. The elf manages to land quite gracefully, however, and is only lightly wounded from the fall.

The flunkies are losing ground. The last one standing of them runs away and Sheeba tries to shapeshift into a Lynx to give chase. Her magical power is still scrambled though. But suddenly, a memory of her druidic training comes to her mind.

Sheeba wakes up with a strong desire for strawberries. Mmm, they smell so good… but wait a second, she does not really like strawberries. It’s a mental disorder caused by being polymorphed into a hedgehog for too long. She remembers now, she was tasked with a challenge by the circle of druids. To maintain focus as much as she could while remaining shapeshifted. She is doing quite well, indeed.

Too bad that she is interrupted by a snake, trying to eat an egg of an endangered bird species. She could not stay there doing nothing, so she resolves to fight the viper and send it away. The fight is dire and dangerous. But Sheeba manages to find wildlife allies (a Heron and a Squirrel), and thanks to her poison resistance, she gets the upper hand against the viper and saves the egg and the day. She has found communion, unity with the environment, and she feels happy.

An elder circle druid appears then. And he reveals that finding herself was the true task of the challenge. Now she finds her centre, and can use it to rearrange magical energies within her.

“The ecosystem is one and I belong to it”. As these words strike Sheeba’s mind, she reorders her own magical power and pounces into mid-air in Lynx form. With her scent, she tracks the escaping grunt up to the brewery, where he joins with an ally. The heroes assemble after Sheeba, having followed her signals, but the last two baddies do not want to fight. They claim that their only purpose was stalling the heroes while Iasuo was escorting Lilian within the new Vault, task which he now accomplished. This does not prevent Claret from slapping them hard all the same.

The adventurers run down the dark corridor and dash into the vault a few step after the great Pika. He is shouting madly at Iasuo, who is bringing Lilian forward, towards the Brazier at the center of the huge, circular dome. In that very moment, a great danger arises from the ashes of the brazier, engulfed in blue flames. The true responsible of the magical turmoil at the monastery grounds is revealed: a huge, mighty powerful Djinn.

The gargantuan elemental creature spots the princess, claims her as his prize, and prepares for battle. A dire situation for our heroes. Will they manage to save the day?



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